The Massachusetts Slurpee: A Cultural Icon

Massachusetts is known for many things, from its rich history to its vibrant culture. But one thing that many people may not know is that Massachusetts is also home to the iconic Slurpee.

Slurpees are a type of frozen beverage that is made with flavored ice and a drink. They are often sold at convenience stores and gas stations. Slurpees are a popular summer treat, but they can be enjoyed year-round.

Massachusetts residents have a special love for Slurpees. In fact, Massachusetts is the state with the most 7-Eleven stores per capita. And 7-Eleven is the home of the Slurpee.

So what makes Massachusetts Slurpees so special? For one thing, Massachusetts has a long history with the Slurpee. The first Slurpees were sold in Massachusetts in the early 1960s.

Another reason why Massachusetts Slurpees are so special is that Massachusetts residents are very passionate about their Slurpees. There is even a website called “Massachusetts Slurpee” that is dedicated to the frozen beverage.

The history of the Slurpee in Massachusetts

The history of the Slurpee in Massachusetts dates back to the early 1960s. In 1961, 7-Eleven introduced the Slurpee to the United States. The first Slurpees were sold in Dallas, Texas, but they quickly became popular all over the country.

Massachusetts was one of the first states to embrace the Slurpee. In 1963, the first 7-Eleven store in Massachusetts opened in Worcester. The store was a huge success, and Slurpees quickly became a popular summer treat in Massachusetts.

Over the years, Slurpees have become an integral part of Massachusetts culture. There are even several Slurpee-themed events held in Massachusetts each year. For example, the town of Framingham holds an annual “Slurpee Festival.

Why are Massachusetts residents so passionate about Slurpees?

There are a few reasons why Massachusetts residents are so passionate about Slurpees. First, Slurpees are a delicious and refreshing treat. They are perfect for a hot summer day.

Second, Slurpees are relatively inexpensive. This makes them a popular choice for families and people on a budget.

Third, Slurpees are convenient. They can be purchased at most convenience stores and gas stations.

Fourth, Slurpees are a nostalgic treat for many Massachusetts residents. They remind people of their childhood summers.

Popular Massachusetts Slurpee flavors

The most popular Massachusetts Slurpee flavor is cherry. However, there are many other popular flavors, such as blue raspberry, watermelon, and grape.

7-Eleven also offers a variety of seasonal Slurpee flavors. For example, in the fall, 7-Eleven offers pumpkin spice Slurpees. And in the winter, 7-Eleven offers peppermint Slurpees.

Slurpee-themed events in Massachusetts

There are several Slurpee-themed events held in Massachusetts each year. One of the most popular events is the Framingham Slurpee Festival. The festival is held in July and features live music, food trucks, and of course, Slurpees.

Another popular Slurpee-themed event in Massachusetts is the Worcester Slurpee Crawl. The crawl is held in August and takes participants to different bars and restaurants in Worcester that serve Slurpees.


The Massachusetts Slurpee is an iconic cultural icon. It is a delicious and refreshing treat that is enjoyed by people of all ages. If you are ever in Massachusetts, be sure to try a Slurpee. You won’t be disappointed.

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