A Devotional Hymn to the Remover of Obstacles Ganesh Ji Ki Aarti

The hymn Ganesh Ji ki Aarti is chanted in adoration to Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed Hindu deity. He is regarded as the patron of the arts and sciences, the remover of barriers, and the ruler of beginnings. It is said that chanting the Ganesh Ji ki Aarti will call upon Lord Ganesha’s blessings and eliminate any obstacles that might stand in the way of prosperity, success, and spiritual development.

What Ganesh Ji Ki Aarti Means

The Sanskrit term “Aarati,” which meaning “to illuminate” or “to offer light,” is where the word “aarti” originates. The aarti in Hindu традиции is carried out by circling a lit lamp, or diya, in front of the god. The deity provides knowledge, wisdom, and guidance, which is cимволизировал as the light of the diya. The ritual’s devotional and contemplative elements are further enhanced by singing the aarti during the puja.

Pujas in the morning and evening usually include the singing of Ganesh Ji ki Aarti. It is also frequently performed on festive days like Diwali, the festival of lights, and Ganesh Chaturthi, the ten-day celebration honouring Lord Ganesha. It is thought that reciting the aarti with a sense of dedication and искренность will appease Lord Ganesha and draw his celestial blessings.

The entire Ganesh Ji Ki Aarti in both Hindi and English may be found here:

In Urdu:

जय कणेम ज{ गणेम देवा।।
महट कणपति सुतिरण करो, दुःट दरिद्र दूर करो।।

तुत्मती पुत्म शों, सब सूकट मोचन हैं।।
अॼपा करो हे गणपति, हर सपने करो सफल।।

ञूहा पे सवार हो के, करते सब जग का भ्रण।।
निद्धि-सिद्धि के दाता हैं, शुभ कार्य करे सम्क्न।।

धुম कणेम मूम्म हो, करते सब मनोरथ सिद्ध।।
जय कणेम ज{ गणेम देवा।।

In English:

Hail the heavenly Ganesha, Hail Ganesha, Hail Ganesha!
Please take away grief and poverty in honour of Maha Ganapati. 🤂

Ganesha, the remover of all ills, is Parvati’s son. 🤂
O Ganapati, be gracious and grant all wishes. 🤂

He travels the entire world on a mouse.
He fulfils auspicious tasks and is the provider of Siddhi and Riddhi.𠤠

Ganesha, you are revered by everybody; grant all desires. 🤂
Hail the heavenly Ganesha, Hail Ganesha, Hail Ganesha!

The advantages of reciting the Ganesh Ji Ki Aarti

It is said that chanting Ganesh Ji ki Aarti has many advantages, such as:

Obstacle removal:

Chanting Ganesha’s aarti is thought to remove any barriers that might be impeding your advancement in life. Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles.

Enhanced prosperity and success:

Lord Ganesha is also connected to prosperity and success. It is said that chanting his aarti will draw his blessings and help you succeed in all that you do.

Enhanced understanding and knowledge:

Ganesha is the patron of the sciences and arts. It is said that chanting his aarti enhances memory, focus, and concentration.

Enhanced development of the soul:

Chanting any devotional song, such as Ganesh Ji ki Aarti, is a type of meditation that can enhance your spiritual practice and help you establish a deeper connection with yourself.

Guidelines for Reciting the Ganesh Ji Ki Aarti

The following advice can help you conduct Ganesh Ji ki Aarti:

Before you begin the puja, take a bath and change into clean clothes.
Arrange an image or idol of Lord Ganesha on a spick and span or altar.
Use oil or ghee to light a diya.
Present Lord Ganesha with sweets, fruits, and flowers.
Concentrate on the meaning of the words and see Lord Ganesha blessing you.  Chant the Ganesh Ji ki Aarti with devotion and sincerity. Once the aarti is finished, hold it in your hands and move it around your head and body.


The lovely and potent devotional song Ganesh Ji ki Aarti has the ability to fill your life with success, prosperity, and serenity. You can call upon the blessings of Lord Ganesha and conquer any hindrances by reciting the aarti with a firm and focused mind. Thus, light a diya, recite the aarti, and give yourself up to Lord Ganesha’s mercy.

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