Acibadem Health Point: Your Gateway to World-Class Healthcare in Turkey

For those seeking the pinnacle of healthcare, venturing beyond borders has become increasingly common. Turkey, known for its historical charm and natural beauty, has quietly emerged as a medical tourism haven, boasting advanced facilities and renowned specialists. At the forefront of this thriving landscape stands Acibadem Health Point, a premier program designed to cater to international patients seeking exceptional care while enjoying all the comforts of a luxury experience.

What is Acibadem Health Point?

Acibadem Health Point is more than just a hospital; it’s a comprehensive healthcare concierge service providing access to the entire network of prestigious Acibadem hospitals and clinics across Turkey. Imagine a one-stop shop for all your medical needs, where personalized attention, cutting-edge technology, and expert care come together seamlessly. Whether you’re seeking a second opinion for a complex diagnosis, exploring preventive care options, or undergoing specialized treatment, Acibadem Health Point equips you with the resources and support to navigate your journey with confidence.

Exclusive Benefits for Members:

Owning an Acibadem Health Point card unlocks a treasure trove of advantages that elevate your healthcare experience:

  • Discounts and Privileges: Enjoy significant savings on dental treatments, pharmacy purchases, and even delightful indulgences at Acibadem’s CafĂ© APlus.
  • Priority Appointments: Skip the queue and enjoy expedited scheduling for consultations with specialists, ensuring your time is valued.
  • Second Medical Opinion: Confidently make informed decisions by seeking a second opinion from renowned Acibadem doctors, gaining valuable insights into your diagnosis and treatment options.
  • Airport Lounge Access: Relax and unwind in the dedicated Health Point Welcome Lounge at Istanbul airports, transforming waiting times into moments of comfort and convenience.
  • VIP Transfers: Forget the hassle of navigating unfamiliar streets. Acibadem Health Point arranges VIP transfers to and from your designated hospital, ensuring a smooth and stress-free arrival and departure.
  • Multilingual Support: Break down language barriers with access to interpreters and dedicated staff fluent in English, Russian, Arabic, and Turkish, guaranteeing clear communication throughout your journey.
  • Emergency Assistance: Enjoy peace of mind knowing that a 24/7 call center is at your disposal, ready to address any concerns or provide timely assistance during your stay.
  • Mobile App Convenience: Manage appointments, access medical records, and connect with the Health Point team through the user-friendly mobile app, available on both iOS and Android.

Personalized Care at its Finest:

Acibadem Health Point goes beyond offering discounts and amenities. The program’s core emphasis lies in delivering personalized care tailored to your unique needs and preferences. Dedicated case managers act as your point of contact, guiding you through every step of your medical journey, from initial consultations to treatment plans and post-procedure follow-up. This ensures you receive holistic support and feel constantly informed and empowered throughout the process.

Investing in Your Wellbeing:

The decision to prioritize your health is an investment in your well-being. Acibadem Health Point recognizes this, offering flexible membership options designed to suit your individual needs and budget. Whether you opt for a short-term plan for a specific procedure or a comprehensive annual membership, you can access the program’s extensive benefits and unlock a world of world-class healthcare opportunities.

Beyond Medical Excellence:

While Acibadem Health Point shines in its dedication to exceptional medical care, it recognizes that optimal health encompasses more than just physical well-being. The program provides access to a range of wellness activities and cultural experiences, allowing you to discover the vibrant tapestry of Turkey while nurturing your holistic health. From exploring historical landmarks to indulging in spa treatments, you can create a personalized itinerary that complements your medical journey and enriches your experience abroad.


Acibadem Health Point is a beacon of hope and a paradigm shift in healthcare tourism. It embodies the essence of high-quality medical care coupled with unparalleled comfort and personalized attention. It invites you to embark on a journey of healing and rediscovery, where your health remains the top priority while you experience the warmth and hospitality of Turkey. So, if you’re seeking a healthcare haven that seamlessly blends medical expertise with luxury and cultural immersion, consider Acibadem Health Point as your gateway to a healthier, happier you.


  • Who is eligible for Acibadem Health Point membership? The program is open to international patients seeking medical care in Turkey.
  • What languages are spoken by the staff? Staff members are fluent in English, Russian, Arabic, and Turkish.
  • What types of medical services are available?

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